School and Prison Reform
School and Prison Reform
For the first time in history, I can discuss a subject with myself, and play it back on a TV monitor. I need no special projector, no film developing, no camera operator, no delays in replaying the tape, and , BEST of ALL, in complete PRIVACY!!!
I can watch and listen to myself. I can judge my tone of voice, my body language and eye contact for sincerity. I can evaluate my reasoning and assumptions at a later date when I am less emotionally involved or excited. Also, the videotape can be a permanent record, so I don’t forget any of the details.
Most important, as my conversations progress I can begin to focus on my real concerns. I can identify my true goals and give myself encouragement and a sense of compassion. I can become my personal counselor and cheerleader---by replaying my best pep talks to reinforce my personal goals.
In fact, talking on camera is very similar to meeting my Identical Twin! It is a very pleasant and rewarding experience to find such an understanding companion, and potential Friend!!!
The big challenge is to overcome the personal embarrassment of talking to a camera lens. It looks silly and feels foolish. However, this is NOT rehearsing a speech or play-acting. This is a very personal encounter with MYSELF. It is different, and at first it feels very strange.
Here is a list of the stages I went through in the beginning:
(each session lasts about 3 to 5 minutes)
1- Stare into space and fidget.
2- Stare at the TV monitor and scratch my chin.
3- Look at the camera, make facial exaggerations and an offhand comment.
4- Begin to talk in conversational tone about physical observations of myself.
5- Begin to talk closer and more directly to the camera.
6- Begin to sense a non-threatening relationship with myself!!!
7- Willing to express hurts and problems.
8- What do I want to do?
9- What am I trying to do?
10- How am I doing?
This is great!!! I am beginning to know and help myself!!!


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