School and Prison Reform
School and Prison Reform
With a focus on restitution, we gain the civilizing experience of educating and challenging ourselves and others. Specifically,
1. Early intervention eliminates the need for Capital Punishment and Life Sentences.
2. Self-training eliminates the need for fixed sentences of incarceration.
3. Work-release monitoring opens more job opportunities by our sharing responsibility.
4. Prefer Grandmothers as Study Cell Attendants for supplying food, laundry, work
books and supervision. We will know our technology is adequate when women are
willing to administer this Study Cell program....
5. Education is NOT optional. The Young Man can choose to cooperate with Teacher
and fellow students, or self-train in a Study Cell - same cost to Taxpayers!
6. Deal with the worst cases of truancy first! to take advantage of the example.
7. The Pre-Sentence Investigation will expose self-training needs.
8. Cooperative inmates earn pencils and workbooks. Our Constitution says,
"you are responsible." We can, and must, provide the tools.
9. The Study Cell protects the Inmate with locks, on both sides of the door, from
felons, guards, and enemies. He has only himself to fear.
11. Recidivism is a fact of human nature. We need to design for it, because man has
a tendency toward selfishness.
12. We minimize raceism by minimizing lawlessness, and we no longer reject those
who do not fit easily into society.
13. This Program confirms our positive helpful commitment to each other. For
example, we can offer the same minimum health care to every citizen.
14. Value-based happiness is the great equalizer in life. All cups can be full,
regardless of size.
"One word frees us from all the weight and pain of life: that word is love."
- Sophocles


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