School and Prison Reform
School and Prison Reform
I seek the Person who understands the importance of prison to business
activity, to research and technology, and to social interaction.
Prison Goal!
Focus on Restitution not Punishment.
a) To the Victim - judgements and fines
b) To the Convict - rebuild your career and your life
c) To the Community - teach US! how to deal with your crime
Approach: assume we have convicted an innocent man (to help adjust OUR attitude) (he may have only seen bad examples of behavior)
Provide video training for self-respect, work skills, life skills. The Courses are
always available to help --- when the Convict changes his mind.
Conclusion: Blessed as we are with Intellect and Free Will, misbehavior is reversible.
Let's offer each other the encouragement and the opportunity.
TECHNOLOGY for efficiency and control. (Is it reasonable to spend no more on a Truant or Felon than we do for a law-abiding Student? Here's how.)
1. Computer spreadsheet --- to record and report school absences.
No excuses! Respond to patterns for sickness, neglect, truancy..
2. Video for self-training and self-awareness in a STUDY CELL cubicle.*
3. Cell phone antennae to monitor work/school release.
4. Instant Eye Camera for personal drug analysis.
* Study Cell Description:
     cost = $10 per day, the same as the State School Allowance.
     size = 6'x8'x8' (Court OK) chainlink fence (not walled) for talking but not 
     content = warm water, wash bowl, toilet, soap, towel, wash cloth, fold-down 
     sleeping bag, sheet insert, shirt, shorts, desk/chair, TV monitor/camera/
     keyboard (outside of cell for protection), ear plug, exercise mat.
     security = cell alarms for noise/vibration. Respond with anesthetic gel. For
     group outrage, anesthetize and recycle the building air.
     entry = medical exam, shave and haircut.
     food = nutrition biscuits delivered to the Cell once a day.
     visitors = contact via video.
     courses = offer videos to teach EVERYTHING -- language pronunciation,  
     bathroom technique, anger control, substance abuse, love of self, etc.
     Teacher = Expert prepares the videos as if teaching HIMSELF! (no waste of
EXIT = progress toward GED or Court-ordered training, by successful exams.
The Community Restitution Thesis is judged, extracted for new information,
and approved by Criminal Justice Professors at DelTech, Del State U. and
the University of Delaware toward monitored work release.


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